There are a number of congenital conditions that can affect the oral health, smile and appearance of your child. One of the most common congenital conditions worldwide is cleft palate. A cleft palate is the incomplete fusion of the roof of the mouth. This incomplete development results in an opening in the gum tissue that can make eating and speaking difficult. Cleft palates can affect any part of the upper mouth and can also extend into the lip area.

Another common congenital condition that affects infants is cleft lip. Cleft lips are the result of the incomplete development of the facial structures while the child is in utero. This birth defect creates slits in the upper lip and can cause the same types of problems as a cleft palate, namely, difficulty in eating and speaking.

Our practice offers treatments to correct congenital dental disorders, including cleft palates. During the initial consultation, our dentist will evaluate the condition of your child and will speak with you about the treatment option that will be most effective. We are committed to helping our patients achieve smiles that are functional, healthy and beautiful so that they can enjoy the lifestyle they deserve.

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