In-House Lab

Littleton In-House Dental Laboratory

Most dentists have to send their laboratory work to outside labs, some even outside the country, where the dentist has no control over the materials used or personal style or color. Here at Creer Family Dentistry, we have an in-office lab that fabricates our Littleton tooth crowns, dentures, and veneers on site. We use only noble to high noble gold in our restorations and absolutely NO non-precious materials such as lead, nickel, and tin unlike many other outsourced labs throughout the state. We can easily fine-tune the fit and appearance of the unit, as our custom shades are taken directly on-site.

Some advantages of our in-house laboratory include:

  • Quality Assurance – we use only the highest quality materials
  • Very short waiting times for custom restoration
  • Same day service for repairs
  • The dentist and technician can shape your smile while you are in the chair
  • You receive optimal performance, as our work is the best that cosmetic dentistry has to offer!